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Internationalization at Taiwan Tech

Taiwan Tech was established in 1974 as the first higher education institution within Taiwan’s technical and vocational training system. After many years of making significant contributions to Taiwan's economic growth by training managers and engineers for and with the local industry, Taiwan Tech has turned its focus to the world stage, pursuing programs of internationalization that reach into every area of campus life. Our vision is to build Taiwan Tech into an international applied research university producing high-tech and management personnel with the ability to adapt to the fast-changing globalized world and to compete in it. 
The Office of International Affairs, founded in 2007, is tasked to coordinate the ongoing process of internationalizing Taiwan Tech, and supports the efforts of our colleges, departments, and research centers with their international collaborations. The OIA encompasses three divisions, the International Education Section, the International Cooperation Section, and the Mainland Affairs Section. Our international student contingent has already expanded to around 12% of our total student body, representing over 50 countries. More than 70% are degree-seeking students, mostly enrolled in Master and Ph.D. programs. Taiwan Tech currently offers 40 international degree programs and encourages a steady increase in the number of English-taught courses at all levels. In 2018, the International Advanced Technology Program was launched, the first English-taught four-year undergraduate program.
Likewise, we encourage our students to study at one of our partner institutions abroad. Our students can compete for several types of study-abroad scholarships to support their quest for international experience. We have signed collaboration agreements with more than 300 partner institutions on five continents, with a focus on Europe and South East Asia. Following the global trend of transnational education, Taiwan Tech has established its first off-shore project, the Taiwan-Paraguay Polytechnic University (UPTP, Asunción Paraguay) in 2018.
Taiwan Tech is a member of various national and international university associations, such as  TAItech, a coalition of six major technological universities in Taiwan which has partnered up with HAWtech (German Alliance of Applied Sciences), the World Technology University Network, and the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP). Taiwan Tech is also the initiator of APUVA (Asia-Pacific University of Volunteer Association) to support and further promote volunteer engagement by students and staff of universities in the Asia-Pacific region. 
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